Purple Pony Art (purpleponyart) wrote in illofriday,
Purple Pony Art


This week's Illustration Friday is a reminder to do something I've been meaning to do. At my old job, I had craploads of free time. I also thought I would become a cross-stitch designer. I love cross-stitch heart and soul, but darn if I can complete anything. So here I have all these patterns that I made but I didn't get around to making models of, and was too paranoid to put on the web (I'm looking at you, pattern piggies!). Here is an actual pattern that you can stitch if you care too - I did get halfway through making the model, but wasn't able to complete it. Why? What's wrong with me? Am I doomed to be like my Great-Aunt Jo and leave half-finished projects behind? :-)

horse cross-stitch pattern

I will be adding this pattern to the patterns section of my website. If you like it, please consider a little tip :-) You can also email me if you would like the symbol version of this pattern or a larger copy.

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